2K Sports decidi pause the WWE2K saga for a time to give Visual Concepts time to polish it and define its future after the departure of the Japanese studio Yuke’s that lent its engine for a last delivery, WWE 2K20, which was launched riddled with glitches and ended the 2K decision to give Visual Concepts a little more time to adapt to the new engine and to plan and develop a new installment that lived up to the mark of success. Wrestling most important in the world.

After a 2020 without WWE 2K as we knew it in which we were offered a spin-off in court of humor called WWE 2K Battlegrounds, now 2K Sports has finally officially announced WWE 2K22, the return of the most important wrestling simulator in the world that has been shown with a small teaser during the first night of WrestleMania 37, the event of wrestling most important in the world that is currently two days long.

In this first preview of the game we can see the emblematic Mistery King perform some of his most legendary strikes like the 619 a Cesaro, another one of the WWE Superstars today in addition to discovering this year’s catchphrase of the game to be “Hit Different“, quite appropriate for a new installment with which they want to reinvent themselves and take wrestling simulation to a new level:

A major evolution in gameplay

A few months ago Patrick Gilmore, one of the main managers of WWE 2K, assured in a “Ask me what you want” on Reddit that this new installment will have a visible “evolution in gameplay. The playable core is one of the big investments we are making in the next game, “he also cited examples such as No Mercy or Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain, in addition to the most outstanding deliveries to build a new base.“.

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