During the early hours of this Thursday, June 3, some of the 2K Games’ upcoming projects and other firms associated with the conglomerate Take-Two. Among those titles are a spin-off from Borderlands, a game described as “XCOM with Marvel Heroes “and another action title, in addition to the predictable NBA 2K22.

As we tell you with all the rumors, take this information with tweezers since Take-Two has not commented anything on the matter and the original source does not have a great track record. However, the journalist Jason Schreier, a regular leaker, has responded to a user who shared the rumor on Twitter: “Yes, I was wondering if people would notice this leak?”.

The information, as explained by the user of the subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumours swine_flu_greg, it is “second hand” and has not been able to verify it directly, but it says that “absolutely trust the source and this comes more or less directly from 2K“He adds that the information is several weeks old and that his source has seen promotional material or trilers of the games.

Codename Daffodil, Codename CODA and a game like it Saints Row

Once the above is clarified, we go to the games. i> Codename Daddofill is a spin-off from Borderlands starring Tiny Tina. It will be called Wonderlands O Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, both brands that Gearbox has patented in Europe. It is said that there will be heroes of different kinds and that show at E3 2021.

On the other hand, Codename CODA is the new game of Firaxis (Civilization, XCOM. It will be a title of action with turn-based fighting based on an intellectual property of Marvel. There are famous actors voicing the characters and is described as a “XCOM with Marvel heroes. “

The third title is Codename Volt, the one in an earlier stage of development; The trailer that has been shared internally in 2K shows a still very green game. Supposedly to be a game of open world action, but with a touch of terror: they describe it as Cthulhu meets Saints Row. It is not confirmed which studio is doing it, but it could be Hangar 13 (Mafia III), who according to another leak are working in a “science fiction open world with supernatural elements.” They say that the game logo It looks like the one of Fallout.

Finally, it is known that some of the editions of NBA 2K22, probably the Legend Edition, will have Dirk Nowitzki on the cover, perhaps accompanied by other basketball stars. Again, as we repeated before, pick up this information with skepticism. By the way, Take-Two will have a conference at E3 2021, specifically on June 14. Gearbox will have its own on June 12.

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