2021 has been the year of the great collaborative events between youtubers, streamers and content creators who decide to gather around a game and a server to role-play, have a fun time and offer a show to its hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Yesterday one of the fastest growing Spanish-speaking content creators, IlloJuan, he announced his new draft baptized with the name of “14 The” to face some of the streamers best known in DayZ, the survival game that marked a before and after in the world of video games, being the origin of a genre that to this day continues to give a lot to talk about, especially among PC players.

The event start July 18 and in it a total of 70 creators of content that must survive the zombie apocalypse of DayZ collecting food, drink, objects, killing “undead” and facing or collaborating with other players on the server. After two weeks, a helicopter will end the event extracting the 4 survivors who will rise as the 14 Day champions.

The first 15 participants of 14 Days

At the moment I only know 15 of the 70 participants have announced They will be in 14 Days but among the first names we already find some of the most important creators such as Rubius, Alexelcapo, IlloJuan himself, Alexby, Xokas, Sr. Serpiente, Silithur or Menostrece. Here is the list of participants so far:

  • Maximus
  • Rubio
  • AlexElCapo
  • Mr. Snake
  • Alexby
  • Xokas
  • Illojuan
  • ElBokero
  • Felipez
  • Orslok
  • Peroniax
  • Knekro
  • None
  • Silithur
  • Menostrece

The first big event after Marbella Vice

14 Days is the first major content creator event since the closure of Marbella Vice, an idea by Ibai Llanos that brought together the best streamers around a server GTA Online in which the creators played different characters and entertained their followers.

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