13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim It is one of the highest rated games of 2020 and its sales are close to half a million units. According to Atlus, the Vanillaware title for PS4 that combines visual novel with strategy has sold 400,000 copies as of March 12; It was launched in Japan in November 2019, while it arrived in Spain and the rest of the West last September.

The game is new from the creators of Odin Sphere Y Dragon’s Crown, but this time away from 2D action to offer a complex sci-fi plot starring thirteen characters that give meaning to a story about kaijus – great monsters – and mechs. On the one hand, the story is developed with a 2D adventure and the characteristic visual style of Vanillaware, with conversations and interactions that will affect the way in which that branch of the story unfolds. But there is also a turn-based strategy part where we participate in the battles of the robots and the enemies, controlling the group of young people on maps that represent the cities.

Best Vanillaware Game

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim It is, without a doubt, the best game Vanillaware has ever made and one of the ones we liked the most of this entire generation that is about to end, “we told you in our review.”A work with such a unique and ambitious narrative that we doubt that something similar will be repeated in a long time., demonstrating the power of video games to tell good and surprising stories. If you are minimally attracted by what it proposes and you want to immerse yourself in a science fiction epic that will leave you with your mouth open every five minutes with countless coherent and well-planned twists that you never saw coming, don’t hesitate and grab it ” We remind you that the texts are translated into Spanish.

In Japan it has been distinguished by the jury of Japan Media Arts Festival during its 24th edition in the entertainment category.

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