Enter the eShop de Nintendo Switch is to do it with the certainty that we will find some work that will surprise us by its fresh, innovative and original bet. Nintendo’s hybrid console has a wide variety of titles that give us something different from what we are used to seeing in video games, projects that not only stand out from traditional games but also find the perfect place to present these on Switch. novel ideas. That is why in this article we wanted to select more than a dozen jewels which can be found by diving into the Nintendo Switch eShop.

1. Gnosia

In Gnosia we embarked on board a spaceship into which beings of a alien species that gives the game its name and whose main ability is to adopt human forms so that they can impersonate them to finish off their victims one by one. There is a Gnosia among us and our goal is to discover which of all the crew is, something that we will achieve by investigating each and every one of them in thoughtful conversations carried out with excellent writing. Definitely, an amazing visual novel in which we can adopt a unique role and carry it to its ultimate consequences.

2. Cozy Grove

Capture of Cozy Grove.

In these times, it is appreciated to have an alternative virtual place to go to escape from so much bad news and in Cozy Grove that translates into travel to an adorable enchanted island in which we will camp to try to help the local ghosts. It is a game of social and resource management in two dimensions with a very particular artistic style and a series of common mechanics of the genre: fishing, collecting, creating objects All of this packed into a flirty campaign of around 40 hours and multiple side missions.

3. Narita Boy

The Spanish video game Narita Boy puts us in the shoes of an ordinary kid who gets sucked into his favorite console and becomes, by surprise, the hero of a Digital Kingdom ravaged by an evil and corrupt entity. We push the Tecnoespada to star in this eighties epic in which we will have to face a army of powerful creatures and great final bosses as we explore a vast world depicted with a powerful pixel art looking for his own personality among the most common retro-futuristic references. To all this we must add a spectacular sound band whose versatile themes will accompany us throughout the adventure.

4. Everhood

Everhood is a curious combination of dark role-playing game with musical combat mechanics which works wonders to enter a strange two-dimensional world full of eccentric creatures. We take the role of a wooden doll whose arms have been stolenSo as soon as we start we will have to run away to try to capture the thief who has perpetrated the theft. It is the first step in a surreal world in which we will advance through rhythmic battles against enemies who adapt their style to different musical genres, from jazz to flamenco, to make it difficult for us while we try to dodge his chord attacks. A surprising and psychedelic game that invites us to fully immerse ourselves in its proposal.

5. Astrologaster

Capture of Astrologaster.

Astrologaster is a fun interactive theater play in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a doctor specialized in astrology. Taking advantage of our knowledge in this uncertain science, we will have to give advice to the residents of a London of 1592 inspired by the play of William Shakespeare and struck by a deadly plague. What we say, based on the stars and other celestial bodies, modify the course of their lives taking them down mysterious paths that their protagonists will let us know with hilarious dialogues loaded with sarcasm.

6. Later Alligator

Capture of Later Alligator.

Later Alligator is a nice graphic adventure in which we accompany Pat, a little crocodile, on his mission to find out what the mysterious event his family is preparing for him is about. Exploring New York City (or a version of it) we will be able to talk to more than 100 animated characters in a very charismatic style and help them solve their problems to discover what is the secret that they are hiding from little Pat. There are various endings available, a good range of humorous minigames and secrets to investigate next to the crocodile.

7. Rip Them Off

Captura de Rip Them Off.

If we say that Rip Them Off is a economic management and defense game we can imagine the typical title of strategy with an isometric perspective, but this independent development stands out for a minimalist graphic bet which also fits into his acute premise: the Central Board wants more and more benefits and we have to take care of fill the city with shops that attract the masses so that they spend their money on them. A stretch of capitalism that proposes us to enter fully into the aggressive corporate corporation logic, but starting from a particularly attractive and colorful graphic design.

8. Darq

Darq is a surreal and creepy adventure in which we put ourselves in the shoes of Lloyd, a boy who in the middle of sleep realizes that he is not awake>, but immersed in a dark dream worldthat little by little is turning more and more into a nightmare. In a desperate attempt to wake up, the protagonist advances laterally through rugged scenes riddled with puzzles in which we, the players, will have to defy the laws of physics and the foundations of reality to try to keep him alive, fleeing from peculiar monstrous enemies, in this terrifying black and white adventure.

9. Mail Mole

Mail Mole is another Spanish video game that has caught the attention of players from all over the world. We put ourselves in the shoes of a postman mole which becomes essential when the electric current of your region breaks down, gaining strength in the communication by letter of a lifetime. That will lead us to explore new areas of the map with a nice movement system that allow us to scratch and jump all over the stage. This title takes the best of platforms in three dimensions and adds it to a more than solvent level design which, moreover, is full of secrets.

10. Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude leads us to explore the waters of a surreal world full of gigantic monsters that they are not only strange abyssal creatures, but also representations of the internal struggles that human beings wage with themselves. Kay, the protagonist, travels through this world trying to appease, discover and clear the loneliness that resides in her. We, the players, will accompany you on an adventure as emotional as it is terrifying, a journey that will surprise us with new and beautiful creatures, surprising colorful landscapes and a myriad of metaphoric situations that will help us discover new nuances about ourselves and about human nature.

11. Signs of the Sojourner

Captura de Signs of the Sojourner.

Although technically it is a card game, Signs of the Sojourner masterfully use the cards in our deck to propose a curious system of dialogues: Our trade as merchants leads us to travel to many regions where the language is not necessarily the same as ours, so we will have to learn to communicate through contact with other characters. Our deck will become more and more varied as our journey progresses, which will facilitate communication with new merchants and customers. Of course, the decision of how to develop the conversation is always in our hands.

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