1080 Snowboarding, a Nintendo 64 cult classic that had the sequel 1080 Avalanche on Nintendo GameCube, it is a saga that leads paralyzed since 2003. However, to its main responsible, Giles Goddard, he would like the series to come back on modern systems, and if Nintendo were to propose to him, will be “happy” to adapt it to Nintendo Switch.

On the occasion of the launch of his next game, Goddard has participated in a question and answer session with the users of the subreddit dedicated to Nintendo. There they have asked him about the possibility of a game of the saga 1080 para Nintendo Switch, to which he replied: “Yes Nintendo would like make a 1080 para Switch dira: ‘Of course, I will …’“.

However, there is another less remote possibility: a game of snowboard in order to Switch and other consoles with other intellectual property, but also developed by the Goddard team. Another user asked if it is possible for players to watch one of their snow sports games on Switch o en PlayStation 5, and said: “We have both development kits, so yes, it is very likely!”.

A successor to the saga, Carve Snowboarding, get to Oculus Quest

Giles Goddard was the first foreign developer to join the Nintendo EAD team. He has worked as a programmer in Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, Doshin the Giant, Steel Diver, Tank Troopers Y Super Mario 64. At present it is the executive director of the Japanese studio Chuhai Labs.

With this last team they are working on Carve Snowboarding, a spiritual successor to 1080 Snowboarding which was announced at the Oculus Gaming Showcase held on April 22 and is in development for Oculus Quest, no release date. They are also working on various “innovative and silly games,” such as one for Playdate, the portable console with a crank Panic is working on and which will be released sometime this year.

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