The Malaysian government is not fooling around: eight people from the city of Miri have allegedly been charged with steal electricity to support a cryptocurrency mining operation, where they used 1069 computers. Malaysia has recently begun to take measures against the theft of electricity throughout the country to be used in this type of action, and the next step taken since the presidency has been to destroy the computers used in the operation. Under these lines you can discover how the weight of justice literally falls on these systems:

The guilty computers are crushed

As reported by the Malaysian media The Star, the computers that appear in the video were seized during six raids on nearby properties that were located near an airport in the Sarawak region, where the city of Miri is located. The raids appear to have been carried out as a joint operation between the Malaysian authorities and Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB). The suspects have found a way to divert electricity from the SEB lines to power these bitcoin mining computers. They will have stolen nearly $ 2 million worth of electricity during the span of three months.

Then the government gave the order to eliminate the computers as we have seen in the video above. Why have you chosen this way of proceeding? We will not know. Is awesome? Yes, why not say so. The truth is that there is a certain degree of satisfaction in seeing justice being administered in such a crude but effective way. Although the truth is that it would have been more sustainable to find a way to resell them as second-hand computers or reuse them in another way.

There are eight accused of stealing electricity for their cryptocurrency miner

“The theft of electricity for bitcoin mining activities has caused frequent power outages and, in 2021, three houses were razed (due to electrical fires) due to illegal electricity supply connections, “Miri Police Chief ACP Hakemal Hawari told The Star. At this time, the authorities are working to detect this type of illegal wiring and thus prevent possible accidents. “A total of six people have been successfully charged under Section 379 of the Penal Code for theft of electricity and have been fined up to 8000 RM [unos 1606 euros al cambio] and imprisoned for up to eight months. “

The cryptocurrency miner leaves images as impressive as the video, but we have also seen a minefield made with 100 NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, accompanied by a huge fan that helped to ventilate the room. The miner has even starred in curious anecdotes, such as that of this modder who has made a Game Boy capable of mining Bitcoin.

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